For a man who writes about the year 2662 AD, I am surprised at exactly how backwards I am. For the last few weeks I have been desperately trying to piece together the cooling bits of slag that was my laptop and save as much of my files as possible. During this time, RadiationAngels.com has been on hiatus and I have been exploring all kinds of things I should have done a long time ago.

For starters, my blog has moved, but since you are here you know that.

Secondly, I have signed up for Twitter. I’ve test driven it for two weeks now, and I have to say I’ve got mixed feelings. While I like being in contact with fans and well-wishers, it provides enormous pressure to keep working at all times. Knowing that I have to make a public post – and that admitting I am goofing off more than once a week makes me totally look like a slacker keeps me moving. It pushes me and keeps me productive, but while it keeps me from vacuuming cats it also exacerbates my workaholic nature. Regardless, the more of you that sign up, the more words I produce. Follow me, and get entertained. WWW.Twitter.com/RadiationAngels

Thirdly I have gathered up some material to put up on the home website. Some of it is new to all of you, some of it is gathered from old work in RPGs and fiction. Some of it is rather personal, but I am beginning to understand more about myself.

Some writers are closet cases: hiding in dark corners and scribbling under layers of clothing and blankets, it turns out that I am something of a writing nudist. I want these personal things to be out there. It makes me feel powerful, in some odd way. It feels like screaming at the primal sky, letting anyone who can hear my darkest moments know they are not alone. I’ll get these up into the Download section as soon as the whole site can be updated.

Now if I can just figure out how I want it to look, and how to do it, we will be golden.

Title and logo all


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