Battle Plans

The meeting to reset the Radiation Angels website is Sunday. I feel like a general marshaling my forces, hammering things into position to deadly effect. Deep inside I have a sense that this is my career, my purpose in life. I am here to capture words and spin them into dancing clouds that can inspire, terrify, or destroy.
A few months ago, I met JA Konrath, a man of no small skill and a very giving nature. Before this begins to sound like a commercial for eHarmony, he also gave me some pretty harsh advice. Mainly he told me that I could write as a hobby, or I could do it as a career. Since then I’ve been considering quitting my day job, but that is a long drop with sharp rocks at the bottom. If I jump, and I can write myself a pair of wings in before I hit bottom, there is no limit to how high I can go. If I fail then I’m going to pull a Daedalus trashing a job I have spent 7 years getting into, used to. Given the gravity of this economy the spatter could be exceptional.
I have to laugh because this emo life crap is exactly what I said I was NOT going to do with this new blog. Sometimes I just feel like my career moves too slowly to keep a blog going. I need to develop content, but that leads back to ‘have no time because of work’ and then I’m right back to: Quit being a coward and quit.

The eternal question:
Job that pays or career that fulfills?

Well there is at least some movement. I will be at Sci Fi City in Northgate Mall signing copies of Snow and Steel with Joe Cowles, as well as the few remaining copies of Key to Damocles that I have on hand. Come and see us from 3pm-7pm on Saturday, July 18th.

Come and see me. Smack me in the head. Tell me to get moving.


One thought on “Battle Plans

  1. So far, so good! Use the blog as your journal and have fun with it. Try not to let it feel like a chore and bog you down or you will come to hate & despise it. And just have fun with Twitter, too. The more outlets you can use to get your name & books out there, the better! But don’t let them take over your life.

    Oh, and keep the day job for now… just until you get well established with the writing thing. Which you are well on your way to doing. But I would hate to see the splat onto the jagged edged rocks at the bottom of the ravine… would not be pretty and I would not want to have to help pick up the pieces. ;o)

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