I keep this around for ‘close encounters’.

Well tomorrow is the day. My partner (Joe Cowles) and I will be at the Northgate Mall SciFi City. We will be signing copies of Snow and Steel (as well as a few Key to Damocles on my side of the table). I love meeting fans of science fiction, comics, and roleplay. No matter what they are the kindest, most supportive group of people you could hope to find. It is a part of my series of personal appearances I am trying to set up.

My wife and I went on a mini-vacation to Bowling Green, Ky. where we visited the Lost River Cave. If you go, and I recommend you do, ask for Steve for a tour with science fiction themed asides!

In any case my wife is a real champ, and we turned a 3 hour drive into an eight hour trip (each way). We stopped at every bookstore we could Google, and handed out marketing one-sheets to the managers in an effort to secure personal appearances for yours truly. We stopped by Waldenbooks, B&Ns, Borders, and B.Daltons, but it was gratifying to see that it was the independent stores that gave us the warmest reception.

Just by doing this I was able to secure one definite signing/discussion and two very strong leads. I don’t know how many others I can get, but time will tell. One, with two maybes, might not seem like much from this end, but seeding an area with fans can have drastic effects later down the road. Each singing away from home – where most of my efforts have been based – spreads word of the book and allows the trade winds of communication that occur between fans to do some of the work for me.

Wish I could take credit for the idea, but I built it upon the advice of JA Konrath (which you can read here).

So tonight I prep, and tomorrow I sign.

Signing SS


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