My Abdomen! My Precious Abdomen!

Ok, so my mojo has been a little buggy lately but the stream of kind words from fans, as well as securing signings has me on the up and up. My mental honey is slowly refilling and I’m working on shorts to fill deadlines that are but specks on the horizon, but will soon spatter me on their windshields if I don’t get my abdomen in gear.

Every once in a while you walk into a place that, while you’ve never been there before, you WISH you could claim you grew up there. For me that place is Karen’s Book Barn. Set in the town of La Grange Kentucky, the place is the perfect mix of rustic and urban, rough and comfortable, spacious and packed with everything I love. I found a vintage copy of Casino Royale and am busy working my way through it, relishing the smell of aged paper. My wife adored the fresh chai they made for her, and if I were not on a diet I would have destroyed everything on their menu even remotely related to: Mocha, blended, and –chino. If you have never been, and you have the chance, you owe it to yourself to spend a few hours and quite a few bucks with coffee and pulp. I liked it so much I’m going back for a signing. More on that when details are finalized.

I have also been working on a Radiation Angels Café Press website, and I am making contacts so that you may be able to buy laser etched dog tags and other gear really soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

As everyone knows I take requests. Because of that I get emails with the subject line:

Jim, I demand this tech make it into your next story…

And when that happens, I have no choice but to click the link and find…

…a robot that runs on Biomass.

For those of you uninitiated in Eco-Fu, Biomass is… well, it is creating fuel from the decomposition of organic material. Any organic material. Immediately thoughts of a machinegun toting robot that cannibalizes its victims sprung to mind. A cross between Terminator and Little Shop of Horrors.

Now the original story said it was capable of processing meat remains as well, but the creator now says (in big bold letters) that this is positively not true.

Uh, huh. My bet is biomass is biomass, and the robot will run on anything that rots, but I think the maker is afraid his project will get pulled. I mean: using dead enemy soldiers to run warmachines might just run afoul of the UN and the Eeneeva-Jay Onvention-Kay. If not in word, then at least in spirit.

On the other hand it will cut down on global warming emissions, so hey, everyone has to take one for the team.

And that brings me to another thing: I love it when people send me requests. I don’t (can’t) do them all, but I love getting them. They stimulate the honeycomb of my mind, and you know how much I value my abdomen already.

Until there’s more to report I’m just grooving along, writing when I can.


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