Working it

And so, now I have several friends breathing down my neck to finish my first novel, I have four (count them FOUR) short stories due in the next two months. I am prepping for a signing and a convention, hoping I can keep up the dance and the day job. Everything seems to be moving a faster pace than last year, and I’m starting to groove on the stress. Odd things are starting to happen, though.

Requests for stories are coming in faster than I can complete them… or so I think. Once one leaves, two more spring up, and three more ideas come to mind. It means that even though I have bowed out of some anthologies, I have stories brewing that could fit them, and I’ll likely submit something anyway.

The most haunted castle in scotland.
The most haunted castle in scotland.

Also there’s this ‘Use the force‘, quasi religious thing happening. I’m not sure what it is called, because it’s not quite serendipity. Every once in a while I have found that a convergence of history, ideas, and legend comes to the fore in a story without me doing much of anything. My latest story took very little effort to find a whole host of things come together. It took only a few seconds to find a Castle that fit my needs, and it was good looking enough. The queen of the year I had picked was perfection to counterpoint my protagonist. There was even a great celebration going on to use as a motivation and backdrop. The history and legends began driving the story, and is producing something I’m quite happy with – even if I wish it was coming a little faster.

I’m also looking at various get-ups to customize for use at conventions. I admit I’m nowhere near the first to think of this, nor do I think I’m going to do it as good as others who have been doing it for years, but hell you have to start somewhere. Thankfully, though it looks like the raw goods are not too expensive and if I eschew some of the less typical accessories, then I should come out of it looking halfway cool.

And I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has helped me overcoming writer’s block.  By groove, by exercise, and by making me laugh.


Guess who’s getting some good press?

Hope all of you are safe and sound out there.


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