Humility, Patience, Determination

I need to talk to you a minute, if I can.

My name is James Daniel Ross, and I need your help.

I am here, producing work, but it’s not enough. I need an army willing to help. I’ve said it before and the fans are the true heart and soul, the driving force, behind The Radiation Angels.

Please sign up for my fan page at Facebook

Heck, befriend me on Twitter.

Follow on Twitter

I need people willing to go out to every review site on the internet and post their opinions on my work. I need,, absolutely everywhere.

I need people to carpet the internet. If the review site takes reviews, please write one. If they do reviews, please request that they review my novels. They can contact me (RadiationAngels(at) and I can get them copies or PDFs for their use. If you have a favorite bookstores within 150 miles of Cincinnati, or inside the city limits, suggest I come and do a signing, or a lead a discussion, or tapdance, or lead a sing along.

The bottom line is I need more exposure, and all of you are the only ones that can help me get it.

Example list of review sites:

Usenet group: rec.arts.sf.written

And trust me, I’m doing my part here. I’m writing, I’m making contacts, and I’m doing public appearances wherever I can. For example, weekend after next I will be spending the weekend in Columbus, Ohio at Context 22!

Please. I need your help.


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