Did I mention dedication?

This one is going to be short, but not for lack of trying.

Half of my hard drive has been dissolved under the cleansing power of FORMAT. Why? The BraviaX virus. I swear that one day I will find the pimple faced reprobate that created the damn thing and cause him such unending pain that a barbed wire enema will seem mild by comparison.

In any case…

This week I have some advice for aspiring writers: have determination. I mean real determination. Listen, understand, alter course and take advice when needed, but you must possess the kind of iron will necessary to do the job that needs to be done. You must love people, love interacting with them, and willing to go to great lengths to make a good impression.

Example you ask?

That means that when you step on your daughter’s glasses, and spend your hotel money on replacements in time for school, you will have to commute from Erlanger to the north side of Columbus, 117-odd miles, in order to be at the panels you said you would do, and to talk to the fans who miss you, and to generally let them know that without them, you are little more than a kid in an empty theater playacting to the chairs.

It will be hard, and it will be long, and you will probably get caught in a massive downpour on the way home that causes you to drive all 117 miles at 35mph after getting out of your last panel at 9pm.

But if the look on the faces of fans is not enough to make up for all that, you had best find a new business.

And yes I bellyached, and yes I groaned, and yes I complained in the privacy of my own car. Now that I’m here -then home- and then back — I realize more and more that even with the massive commute there is nowhere I would rather be.

If you get a chance Context 22 is going on Sat the 29th and Sun the 30th. Come on in and be one of the kindest, friendliest, and finest people in the fandom world.



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