Keeping up with the Kilroys

I spent last weekend at Karen’s Book Barn. Well, actually, I spent most of it on the road. Still, the time at Karen’s was phenomenal. Despite contacting local press outlets, writers groups, readers groups, and science fiction groups, the crowd was pretty small. Still, as I told a young gentleman at the store, you go everywhere, and be everywhere in the hopes of being at the right place at the right time. I mean anyone can complain that the size of the group was not larger. I prefer to think I spent some quality time with people who could one day turn into fiercely loyal fans. Even one fan can tip the balance. Take this guy from facebook. I am horribly net-deficient, but he figured out how to make a fan page, how to set it out, and now we’ve got quite a few members already. Without his loyal support I’d be nowhere. A million more like him I’ll be George Lucas. Of course guess who’s getting an invite to my version of Skywalker Ranch to dine on the finest hot-pockets known to nerd-dom? You got it.

While dodging deadline and trying to fit in time for this blog, I manage to try to keep up with the technicals of my craft. Not too sexy, I know, but if you are an aspiring author, pages like these will help you out a lot. Others may just… well, I’m not sure what this one is trying to say, he obfuscates his opinion quite well. (Language NSFW)

I was vindicated when I found out one of the stupidest enemies to ever kill a D&D character of mine (I’m looking at you Thad), turns out really existed. I also found a new motto called Grey’s Law. But all is not well. I quake in fear as dark forces inch ever closer to one of my childhood stories of heroism. I just KNOW they are going to photoshop out the RPGs and replace them with Ipods.

Well, that’s all for this week. Next week there should be some exciting news. Until then, if you have need of me -questions, comments, or random thoughts- contact me at Radiation Angels squigglything AOL dot com.
No spaces… aw hell, you people are smart, you can figure it out.

Special thanks to Pixel Panache for this image.
Special thanks to Pixel Panache for this image.


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