Desperately searching for somewhere to sell out…

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I’m pulling through. As you might expect, the economic downturn has been as rough on the book buiness as any others. To offset flat sales, I’ve been googling for wisdom in any spare second I can scrape together. I need to improve sales, and I need to get in front of more people however I can. I’m just wondering through the net, asking ‘how can I advertise better?’ It’s not the most pressing question facing the human race, but it’s far from the stupidest.

I have started plans for additional marketing techniques to try to sneak in front of as many people as possible. I’m writing up scripts for two commercials, and I think I’ve found someone who is game to do the editing. I am collecting stuff to do the costumes. I have several guys with military equipment to borrow to make it look halfway correct. Now I just need a camera that will keep up with the action I have planned.(If you have suggestions for a good, inexpensive digital camera I welcome any help.) Could be worse. Most military gear changes only a little over time, so at least costuming wont involve modding to this level. Still daunting because, as the 80’s proved, not everything high-tech looks high-tech. I also have plans for some weaponry googled from the internet. For the record, not these weapons. I’m lucky to know so many guys who are experts in this field. I just hope we don’t get too caught up in the details. There’s something to be said for being an expert, then again I find getting too specific breeds doubt.
In happier news I just got my invitation to Philcon, which is always a great time. I’ve spent the few hours dedicated to recreation reliving a classic that – surprisingly – works on the 360 as well! I have received my packet to be a Nielsen Family! So now I am scouring the channels for a Firefly, Futurama, and Scrubs marathons.
I am excited that my High-school is getting a new building, and I hope soon to be able to afford a paver or two to help offset the costs. I am constantly amazed at the level of education that I received at S.C.P.A. If you can give, please do.
Overall, I am moving forward, trying to keep proper perspective on the world around me which is hard when common sense has to be explained to some.
See you next week!


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