Leadership lesson #1

If you want me to elect you, you might want to show that the staff you pick is intelligent enough to notice I NO LONGER LIVE IN YOUR STATE. At that point you are not so much politicking, or polling, but are trying to find someone to commit several felonies so you can get a city council job. I mean do you not know to which city council you are being elected? Did the words Erlanger and Kentucky stand for some kind of code for Cincinnati and Moderate? Sending me 3-5 mailings a week for 2-4 weeks (in a state other than where you are running for office) is not a way to show you will spend my money wisely.

Maybe I’m just cranky. It doesn’t have to be this hard. Well, maybe it doesn’t for other people.

I feel that I’m in a formative stage in my career. I’m constantly trying to expand my work. I started out with Dieselpunk (Indiana Jones in chain mail), then I went on to post apocalyptic desert fantasy (mad max meets middle east), Militray scsifi, urban fantasy, hard scifi, and horror. I just finished Red Talons, kind of Conan meets Starship Troopers.  12,000BAF2Final+ words that just got finished the night before elections (which is the reason that this update is woefully late). Now we will see if the publisher wants it for the anthology.

In other news, Bad Ass Faeries #2 has gone live! It is now for sale at Mundania.com. So if you are in for a nerd-tastic story that’s a twist on the traditional faerie tale grab a copy and read about Sam and… well we will save that name for later.


Now, a few things left to do for the re-release of The Chimerium Gambit, then back to my Fantasy novel!

More of a blog next week. Pinky swear.Banner created with MyBannerMaker.com


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