A man has to ignore his limitations

I have been ignoring my responsibilities as of late, and I am sorry.

Well, that’s not true, I have been taking care of one set of responsibilities to the detriment of a whole other set.

Right now I need to deluge the market. I have to provide a stable bed of quality material to enhance my standing, my reputation, and my cash flow. As such I agreed to provide a line of short stories for Dark Quest Books. One story a month isn’t too much to produce, is it?

Well, no.

On the other hand, I got a request to rewrite the very first story I ever submitted for publishing. It required a 8,000 word rewrite, and that took a chunk of time.  So now I’m three weeks into the month, and I still have to finish the swords and sorcery story owed to DQB.

I am almost thankful for the switch in plans for this weekend.

The wine tasting and writers conference has been moved to next month due to an illness amongst the organizers. We wish them better health and hope the extra time allows me to prepare some more salient remarks!


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