Overtime during the day, words due at night.

I gotta be short here people, I have overtime at the day job, numerous deadlines, and bad cold, but hopefully I can put some power into this, because it’s important. The Le Grange Writer’s Seminar was a huge success. Information was flying in all directions, and I think everyone learned something from everyone else.  Lord knows I did.

At the same time, there was a disturbing moment.

I was up in front of all these writers who were aspiring to become authors and novelists, and I said something that amounted to:

All writers are equal.

And though I said it with utter conviction, said it like a preacher reading scripture to the masses, I’m pretty sure nobody believed a word of it. I tried to make myself understood, and I want to take another shot here, now.

Every writer, from the most successful to the most humble, tries to make art. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes what we write sells, and sometimes it does not. No matter what someone is going to tell us that what we write is absolute crap. No matter what.

J.K. Rowling is no one of the richest women in the world. I personally know people who think everything she ever wrote was garbage. I don’t care for Hemingway. My daughter dislikes Shakespeare.

We are artists. We create art. Art may be bought and sold, but has an incalculable value. What I put on paper has as much or little VALUE as anything written by Stephen King (now if I can just get the publisher to pay us the same…) Regardless, every writer reads other author’s work before, during and after producing their own.

The moment you learn this, and I mean you imprint it upon your very soul, then you can write anything for anyone, anywhere.

In any case, I must sign off, but if you want more advice on writing, getting published, or the best recipe for a hot toddy, stop by Millenicon this weekend!


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One thought on “Overtime during the day, words due at night.

  1. I like the way you put that: all writers are equal. This was something pounded into our heads at Odyssey. Real writers get rejections. Real writers have false starts, projects that don’t work out, and all the assorted angst. (As well as get to share in the rewards of being a writer!)

    Heck, Agatha Christie would hit a point in the middle of her books where she’d break down, wailing about having lost any talent she might have had.

    She got back into the writing, however, after indulging in some self-pity.

    And that’s where I’d edit what you said about all writers being equal. I’d say all writers are created equal, and what makes the difference is how you stand in the face of that fact. True writers keep writing, in the face of rejections and false starts and the lot of it. Created equal, yes, but not everyone keeps pushing to get it done because they forget that fact.

    I also don’t think of myself as an artist, but as a craftsman. (Well, craft-woman, I suppose). Art? Sure it’s art. To paraphrase someone, what else could it be but art? However, I like to think about the craft of the work, to know that even if it is lumpy and misshapen and only Mom will love it, I did the work. I did the crafting. Even if it isn’t art, it was *made*.

    Now get back to your deadlines!

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