A weekend alone

Well due to a snafu I was actually not made a panelist for Millennicon. I’m really not sure what happened, but it’s not like it matters. And the sick thing is I could really use a day off, but I was so looking forward to hanging out with science fiction people – who are just great people for helping you get a good rest while partying until you drop dead. Well, I have a story to finish and a story to finish editing.

I have very little to blog about this week. I mean, I spent the entire time prepping for the convention, and now I’m just…. well… I’m busy as hell, so I didn’t get anything ready for here.

Well, maybe I should just take this opportunity to let people know a little more about me.

When considering the future I try to keep in mind that many augmentations will be much more banal, and made for the convenience of the masses than exploring new worlds. Here is an example of what we might find:







OK, I can’t the embedding to work. So here’s the link: Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop

I have always wanted to go here: Cincinnati Subway » No Promise Of Safety

A science fiction comic I read: Schlock Mercenary archives – Monday, June 12, 2000

The kind of music I rarely listen to when anyone else is around: eisenfunk pong

What I hope one day happens to a scene that I write: YouTube – Shameless Ripoff…bollywood style

I have a weakness for guns that look like laser pistols like the new line of : Polymer Revolvers, The Polymer Judge, a .410 shotgun revolver, The oddly shaped Chiappa Rhino, but my all time favorite – it came from Warhammer 40K real life gun foes to the AK Arm Gun from CBRPS.

I also have a weakness for certain toys, and legos, and sometimes they cross over: The BrickGun Instruction CD

And while I am still without a motorcycle, I hope to soon own one of these for my commute: Learn to Fly a Jetpack!

Talk to you next week, everyone.


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