100 words? What am I, tweeting?

I was recently reading advice on writing blogs, since all writing is different and being skilled at one kind does not mean you are good at any others. It said something I found shocking:

Keep it short, he says.

And by short I mean the author advised less than 100 words. 100 words? I can barely get a preamble into 100 words. It’s half a witty quip, a smidgen of something important. 100 words is flash fiction, it is not a blog post.

You’ll lose your audience, he says.

Perhaps I’m being jaded, though. after all, most everyone who comes here is a reader of fiction. That means you aren’t just surfing here between lattes and tweets, or if you are you are blessed with the ability to slow down for more than a minute to breeze through the reader’s digest version of whatever thoughts were ricocheting around in my head that week. I mean, I suppose I could keep my rantings down to a century, and maybe I flatter myself that I have thoughts to express to people that require more than 100 words. I guess my thought is if I am going to say something, I’m going to take the time to actually say something about it. Then again, if I’m going to eat up your time, I have a responsiblity to use the time wisely.

In February I was honored and privileged to attend a Writers Seminar at the Oldham County Public Library in Lagrange. I met dozens of bright, charming people including several authors. Barb McMakin is one of those, and she’s about to release a pre-order chapbook of her poetry “Digging Bones”. All proceeds from orders placed by July 9th will be donated to The Center for Women and Families. This charity gives safe places to stay for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse as well as their children. I know that times are hard, but these are not people looking for a hand out. These are women and children in an emergency situation that could really use somewhere to hide, regroup, and begin to rebuild.

If you can help in any way, it would be great.

The simplest way, of course is to simply buy the chapbook ($12 Just scroll down to Barb McMakin)

And if you have other ways to help, go here:



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