Painful days

You know what is the worst day in the life of a writer? It’s not the days when you have 3,000 – 4,000 – even 5,000 words out onto paper, and this after a full 8 hours at the day job. Those days hurt, a good hurt like giving birth out of your eyes, but it does hurt. The worst days is after a week of overtime and a deadline looming large when no matter how many times you, beg, bully, or crack the whip, your characters just sit around on the page like they’re at the beach. Getting out 300 words feels like cleaning out the Aegean stables, and you don’t add a lot to the plot or charactarization, and thus after 6 hours of pouring over the laptop you delete said words as more harm to the story than good. Those are the times that really feel like you got mugged for a wallet full of time you didn’t have to waste.

The important thing is that you are at it again the next day, because deadlines do not care if how much you think this is what you should do for a living. Deadlines can only tell what time it is, and they care about nothing else.

And I have another distraction that may or may not happen.

Blizzard is runnning a short story contest, open to everyone, where you can win several pieces of swag, or even a visit to the Blizzard offices. That’s cool and all, but I’m looking at this and wondering how much exposure I would get by winnning. Could this be the flashpoint moment I need to get enough people reading my books at one time that I can make the leap and do this exclusively, or at least primarily? I can’t say, but that means I will be diverting myself from other projects in order to gamble on supposed exposure… if I win.

In any case, I am not one to keep such things for myself, so if you are interested, find the details here:

Also, some recognition for work well done by Mrs. Ackley-McPhail and the crew of Bad Ass Faeries 3:


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