Burning brightly

Forgive me, I’ve been:

a) Busy

b) Angry


c) Hungry

The first is pretty self explanatory. I’m almost done with my first fantasy novel.

Yeah, it’s late… so I’m not perfect, OK?

Seriously, this thing is kicking my butt a little bit, mainly because the character is so dark, and requires just the right amount of comedy and wit to balance him out. A lovable rogue is one thing, but an unforgivable bastard is not likely to have many fans.

Also I’ve been fighting the urge to go find every racebaiter I can get me hands on and force feed them into a wood chipper so they can finally give something back for all the oxy they’ve been stealing from those of us trying to get along. If you watch the news, you know what I’m talking about. It is my most fervent prayer that one day the 95% of us who have grown into well adjusted adults will all get five minutes free so that we can surround the assclowns who make money building walls between us. If there is a just God, we will all pass a baseball bats factory giving out free samples just before we get there.

And I’ve been extremely hungry.

No, seriously. Something about working two jobs that has given me an appetite that just can’t be sated by burgers and fries. And, as I am always trying to save something good and competent from extinction let  me put forward a few of my favorites:

Looking for something mostly down home and 100% tasty? Try Mr Herbs Fish in Hebron Ky. They have a good bit of variety on the menu, but since the first time I tasted the fish I have never ordered anything else.

Another place local to me is the Guru India. Full of Indian cuisine at moderate prices, I am especially fond of the lunch buffet.

And the crown jewel: TAZ. Not local to me, unless your frame of reference is from another state, it is the best Mediterranean food around. The waitresses are Ukranian, and you may have to put a leash on any young male friends you bring into the place. It is so good that when I made an unexpected stop there for dinner, and I texted a friend caught at work to let him know, he responded in all capitals, succinctly drawing into question whether I knew my birth father. That, my friends, is flavor.

On other fronts,

Snow and Steel now has its own forum that anyone can join and discuss Russian militaria, WWII, the novel, or anything at all.

I am considering a Zombie novel set in Russia, for example. Come see us!

The Red Soldier Forums

Well, back to work. More soon.


One thought on “Burning brightly

  1. Agreed to the end of all the race-baiting. It is so last century, people. Grow up. Or at least leave the rest of us alone.

    And…a fantasy novel??? Ooh! Eagerly awaiting that, I must say.

    And zombies in Russia could be very interesting. Except for the whole fact that I’m probably too squeamish to read many zombie stories.

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