I feel like recycling headlines

I hate flying, and there’s no way to deny it. I’m sitting CVG, the AC is set to ‘New Hampshire’, and I’m still sweating like I’ve just hiked 3 miles carrying 50 lb packs (did I pack deodorant?). OK, I may have actually just hiked 3 miles, and my packs may be hedging into the overstuffed category, but let me assure you that is not why the fat guy is sweating (Is that the pilot? he looks a little green around the gills).

All kvetching and paranoid delusions aside, conventions are the closest things I have to vacations, and I enjoy them immensely. Balticon ranks up with my favorites, since the people are wonderful, the panels are a riot, and the con staff are always working for a good time. This one, however, is a different animal. This convention is NasFic, and I am hoping it will be a game changer. (CRAP! I LEFT MY UPDATED PANEL SCHEDULE AT HOME!)

As it was explained to me (ah, Absolut mandarin and tonic to take the edge off)  every year has a WorldCon – the largest collection of fandom in the… well, in the world.  In years when WorldCon overseas, the massed nerd collection of middle to lower middle socio economic dwellers get together anyway. This is called NasFic. I managed to score an invite to sit on panels. I’m collecting my fliers, handouts, and wits about me, hoping that this will open up a whole new strata of southern conventions to me. I desperately need to expand my fan base and considering my material, south is a good move.

My one (one?) problem is I have to fly to get there. Thankfully, God loves us and has given us Vodka.

In other news, The Story of Fox Crow is almost done. In fact: I expect it to be done during the con as I am inspired by the wonderful people I am sure to meet. (what was I so uptight about, again?) I am hoping to hear the fate of The Ghost of Love VanMeek this week, and I have several short stories burning in my head, sending smoke signals anyone can read. (hard to stay upright with these edges all roundy).

Oh, and I was given a book by a friend of mine. It is something of post-western society meltdown meets Jerry Falwell. Since I haven’t mentioned it by name, I am perfectly comfortable saying it is poorly written, horribly conceived, ham-handed about religion, and surprisingly iron fisted with its ignorance. It has also sold more books than everything I have ever written rolled into one. For that reason a friend of mine has told me to write something in that genre. I may have to pick up that gauntlet. (Whoop fell down)

Alright, everyone. I’m going to listen to some music. You have a good weekend out there.

Also, for those amongst you with a taste for the ridiculous (hmmmm ridiculous) I point you to something culled from my email… the next mutation of the Nigerian Prince Scam. Be careful people, now they’re getting crafty (and spell check).


I write to inform you that your contact was found among the list of foreigners that have been scammed by Fraudsters. It might interest you to know that we have signed an agreement with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT during our first meeting this year with our PRESIDENT and the FBI to fight against corruption by returning all contract funds that has been stolen, paying the people that had an unfinished transaction or International Fund Transfer that failed due to Government problems and also compensate scam victims.

Based on the above, an ATM Card worth EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND U.S

DOLLARS has been issued in your name as compensation. I have deposited the ATM Card with UPS COURIER SERVICE. I traveled out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not be back until completion of my 3 months course. What you have to do now is to contact the UPS COURIER SERVICE immediately to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiry date of deposit.

For your information, I have paid for the delivery Charge of the ATM Card. You have to contact the Agent of UPS COURIER SERVICE now for the delivery of your ATM Card with this information below:

Contact Agent: Thomas Cole

Email: thomas.cole@sify.com

Reconfirm the below information to the agent:

1. Full Names:

2. Residential Address:

3. Phone Number:

Request for the tracking number of the package to enable you track and know when it will get to your address. Contact the Agent immediately you receive this mail to avoid any further delay

Notify me as soon as you receive your ATM Card.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs Maria Smith.


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