I lay down my pen for it is heavy from battle.

Forgive me, I’m doing this without a plan.

Normally I’ve got some idea what I’m going to be talking about when I start a blog, but I’m really kinda brain dead. I have finished my fourth novel, the first fantasy novel, and I am prepping for in house edits before it goes to the publisher. Dark quest has shown phenomenal faith in me by reserving a spot in the production schedule, before they had even seen the thing. Don’t get me wrong. I still have to go through -albeit accelerated- submissions process, it is by no means a sure thing.

Still, it makes me proud. It makes me feel like I have passed some kind of hurdle in my career.

Oh, I could go on about a cool movie coming soon to a theater near you. Or I could philosophize about a life of relative comfort will eventually lead to even the greatest idiots being taken seriously by people too far removed from struggle for life. But still, I am exploring new ideas and letting them take me where they want. Truth be told, I’m tired of having arguments for now. I just need a little rest, for even as I lay the last stone down on the novelization of an old story, more are entering the upper atmosphere of my brain. They are already glowing. Soon they will land with the force of nuclear bombs, creating and destroying and being born.

Until then. I just need a rest.


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