I am thankful…

Things have been moving at a break-neck pace. In 11 months, I’ve submitted 12 short stories and a novel. 8, and the novel, have been accepted so far and still awaiting word on the other 4. I’ve got scifi, steampunk, and urban fantasy waiting to be written, with deadlines fast approaching.  Next year I want to double these numbers, though how I’m going to do it while holding a day job I have no idea. I suspect it will be a lot like I do it now: squeezing words out of every moment away from making money to pay bills.

Today is Thanksgiving, for example. Friends are off with families, my family is off in various locations. Those local have their own plans, my children are off with my Ex- and my wife works until 9pm. Therefore, left to my own devices, I am paying attention to my sorely neglected blog, answering long overdue emails, watching a few movies in which my wife has no interest, and at the same time trying to clear out the short for Bad Ass Faeries 4, and the Steampunk mystery.

Still, I want to take a moment to be thankful.

I’m thankful for my wife, may children, my family and friends. I’m thankful for opportunity, and wisdom, and good fortune. I am thankful for my country, my freedoms, and self determination. I am thankful for living in this time, at this place, in this country.

It is important to see the details, and recognize the blessings we have been given. Few of us can honestly say we do not get enough to eat. Our only problem with the number of electronics is paying for the electricity to feed them all. We have access to entertainment or education with the flip of a switch.

The important thing is to not take any of it for granted. We must be generous. We must be understanding. We must be kind. We are honestly blessed, and we do owe thanks to God, providence, or fate, as you believe.

We. All of us.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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