Repost? What?

I had a small post on Facebook the other day, and I then went out with some friends and said: Dude, you are the dumbest guy I know. Just the other day you went on and on about something, why not save it for a blog post instead? It had to do with writing didn’t it?


And I was about to hit him with a sack of hammers by way of teaching him a little tact, when I realized he was correct. It revolved around this video and post:

This is a common theme amongst writers. All writers are constantly bombarded by people just like this. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who believe that since they can read English they can produce a novel, still there are examples of many ‘veteran’ writers I can think of who only give advice useful to people in their own …tier of publishing.

I am happy to point out that the odds are against writers. I am happy to tell them the chance for profit is slim. I also know there were enough people out there wishing that I would fail when I got started. Hell, I know there are enough wishing for me to fail now.

Nobody is really prepared for this job. Nobody is perfectly suited to it. Nobody is guaranteed for success. Hard work; talent; connections; none of these put a lock on producing a best seller. I guess I feel more comfortable looking at someone and saying: It sucks, it’s hard work, you aren’t going to get rich. I also say: If writing is inside you, you will never be able to stop it from coming out. It isn’t something you do, it is who you are.

Might as well try to make money at it.


So, maybe I’ll just save my little rants for the Blog. Is that what they are for? As a professional writer I admit that I’m still a little unsure of my skill in this particular arena.


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