Why I would never make a good king

OK, This one’s fresh, and so it’s hot and has more than a few razors baked into it.

Turns out that two feet of snow in NYC is considered a blizzard. As such, people who live in the most taxed place in the nation, with the highest per capita of government employees (outside of Washington DC) is paralyzed. People have been digging out for days, and like any natural disaster there have been deaths. Some of them were preventable, in fact at least two grabbing national headlines were. Most moving, for my part, involves a newborn. Birthed from the mother, a 22 year old student, in a building lobby, it took 10 hours before Emergency Services reached her. The child did not survive.

Now there are reports that guilty men and women have come forward with allegations that the snow has not been removed because the City Sanitation Union wanted to teach the Mayor a lesson. They allegedly purposefully sabotaged the cleanup efforts, costing lives, because of demotions and budget cutbacks.

It is at times like this that I must remain calm.


The people of NYC should be outraged. If the slowdown did occur, then dozens, if not hundreds, should be charged and tried in a court of law for 1st degree murder (yes, they KNEW that deaths would result from their actions), and conspiracy at the very least. They should rise up and find the truth to the matter. If Bloomberg (never my favorite person) has lied to save his own throne then they should hang him from the lamp posts as a lesson to liars and tyrants. If I were king, there would already be heads on pikes on all bridges leading to the big apple, for some things cannot be borne. Some indignities require blood as ink to pen the punishment for someone so out of touch they use the life of an entire city in order to score political points.

The citizens of NYC have the power to demand justice and see it done. Now it remains to be seen if they have the political will and the attention span.But this is a part an even larger problem. Move past NYC, back years to Katrina, we saw another failure of government to protect individuals against the unexpected. Other, less politically convenient fires, floods, and failures have sprung up since then. When communities are saved, they pull together to act as a family unit. When government is allowed, or expected to fill that void it fails.

In fact I am shocked that anyone can expect the government to protect anyone from anything more serious than a paper cut. You must be self reliant, you must be prepared. To that end, may I suggest a little preparation? It For $60 you can get food, water, and some rudimentary shelter. It may not be much, but for the cost of a fairly inexpensive night on the town you could save yourself, someone you know, or a complete stranger from death.

Of course there are other ways of being prepared, but let’s start with a survival kit and move on from there.

A few other things:

Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge, LA. has scored a series on Discovery channel. Think of it as Orange County Choppers with guns. Become a fan on facebook and watch on Discovery!

And, lastly something near and dear to me:


My favorite author is Joel Rosenberg. No secret there. He produced the finest series of fantasy novels I have ever seen. I have bought them over and over, only to give them away and buy them again. I know him to be humble, approachable, and totally unaware of the depth of his talent.

Joel Rosenberg is a lawful concealed carry licensee has a valid license to carry [thank you for correction]. He followed the letter of the law, went out of his way to conform to the regulations of what is demanded of him, and was arrested anyway. I am not alone. Other bloggers are coming to his defense. They are keeping on top of things. Still, Joel Rosenberg, honorable, law abiding man, who has done more to train and keep people self sufficient than I could hope to, needs help.

If you have a few bucks, please donate to his defense. It would mean a great deal to him, to me, and most importantly to freedom.If you are in the area, go to his legal defense dinner. Join the page on Facebook.

Tomorrow I get paid. Monday I’m making my payment to his defense.

If I can bang out a worthy story, I’ll release it to raise cash.

I’m going to do what I can, because the LAW must mean something, especially to those sworn to uphold it.


9 thoughts on “Why I would never make a good king

  1. Speaking as someone who lives in NYC… we have water and shelter coming out of our ears. Heat, food and medical treatment not so much. Self-reliance is nice, but it only goes so far — every single one of us can’t be a doctor and and EMT and a farmer and everything else we need, and anyway a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.

    So sooner or later we’re going to have to rely on each other — and while government is far from perfect, I’d much rather trust an ongoing, accountable structure with a legal obligation to do it to organize that than the haphazard, volunteer efforts of individuals who can and do walk away whenever they feel like it, or impose their own conditions on what I have to do to get help, like convert to their religion.

    As far as I’m concerned, government is the definition of a community pulling together, not the opposite of it. It doesn’t always work, but it works more often than it doesn’t — it’s just that, like with families, it’s the exceptions that make the news.

    If the slowdown actually happened, then we will be plenty outraged, believe me. But not because government can’t work — because it does, and they sabotaged it. Throwing a monkey wrench into the works only matters if they’d otherwise be working.

    • I can understand where you are coming from, but I disagree on a matter of scale. Setting aside Heinlein’s quote about specialization, there is the idea that anyone can go down to the YMCA/Community center and, while you can’t get an EMT certification, a basic paramedic class in first aid is cheap and easy insurance.
      Yes, we must rely on each other to build a civilization. I do not bake bread, and I do not fix cars. I have other marketable skills that I trade during normal business hours to gain cash and so on and so forth. At the same time, I apologize if I was unclear, but it is not a civilization I am talking about. It is the direct opposite, in fact.
      Relying upon a government structure is perfectly reasonable and sound advice, as long as the aid is within easy providence of said government. The very instant it becomes a hassle, the very second it becomes politically inexpedient, that self same government will hang any individual out to dry. Whether the trouble is (a) reaching you because of inclement weather, or (b) giving aid outside of their influence to control where the aid goes to, or (c) simply choosing a politically motivated location to give money while ignoring another. What I am talking about is in case of emergency, when you break glass there should be some skills, references, and supplies available there for use.
      I am not advocating anarchy, even if I am rattling the pedestals upon which government has been set. And the point of self reliance is that you, and others like you, will not have to rely on either an imperfect government or a haphazard set of volunteers.
      Lastly, I think government – at its best – is indeed a community pulling together. Communities have gotten so large, however, they have become a means to set one group against the other in order to cover graft, incompetence and greed. This situation is a perfect example:
      Bloomberg accuses unions of unethical and inhuman work stoppages.
      Now: Either he is correct, in which case hundreds of city workers have treated people like pawns, subjecting them to misery and death in order to score political points… OR, he has dehumanized a whole class of workers in order to cover up his own incompetence and score political points for his plan for cutbacks.
      One or the other is true. This means somebody should go to jail, no matter what. Which of these is indicative of a community pulling together? And while the system seems to work when everything is going fine, that is not really when the system is needed. That being said, I’m just advocating spending the NYC equivalent of 6 packs of cigarettes in order to be better prepared.
      And I know you to be an eloquent and powerful woman, Meredith. If you say you will raise your voice against which side proves false, then I believe and applaud you. I will sleep better knowing it.

  2. Well said on Joel… One small correction… Joel did not have a “concealed carry license”… In Minnesota, it is a permit to carry…. There is no requirement to conceal.

    It’s an important distinction to make, as Joel was openly carrying legally when he went into Palmer’s office.

    • I am honored to help… *bang* the very second *crash* I can get *slap* paypal to *thud* work.

      Ok, I just need to go to Wells Fargo Monday.

      Seriously, it is no exaggeration to say that I owe you far more than I can ever say, should I keep writing until the day I expire.

      You have done, and continue to do, great things Mr. Rosenberg. I just hope to be half as good an author and one tenth as courageous a human being.

      You servant, sir,

  3. I had no idea we shared a love for Joel’s Guardians of the Flame books. I’ve also bought them several times, given them away, etc. They sit on my shelf, still, to be re-read yet again someday in the not too distant future. Thanks for bringing what’s going on with him to my attention.

    Also: heading to another convention soon, March 4-6 in High Point, NC: StellarCon.

    -Sam (“Jimmy! Yeah man remember that thing we were going to work on!?” from NASFIC)

    • LOL, I have the feeling that if we could just give away enough copies of The Sleeping Dragon we could get every fantasy reader in America to start churning Joel’s books.

      And that reminds me. I Owe you a short, do I not? You still want the same or are you looking for anything different right now?

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