In fact I’ll be reaching to get 100 words.

This one is going to be fast, my time has been swallowed by unforeseen events

Seeing as I am not a NYT best seller, I’ve still got a day job. I also just got a promotion, and boy am I earning it. It’s been at least three weeks since I’ve had a day off and most of these work days have been 10 hours or longer. The problem is not the long hours, or the intense mental effort required to do what I’ve been tasked with, it is the combination that has left me without time to write.

(I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m going to do it again because that’s what the keyboard wants to talk about today) These ideas are more than passive slips of paper fluttering between my ears. They are like goblins, running around in my head, shitting in the corners and breaking anything they can reach. Every single one of them demands attention and wants born as badly as any living thing. More terrifying, I can’t say they won’t die in there and leave things quiet and tomblike, but the soil their corpses leave behind is barren and filled with the bones of forgotten and abandoned muses.

I’ve got to find time to write while I am still sane.

That being said, aspiring writers take note:

You must be able to make time – no matter the damage to your relationships. Brains, talent, inspiration, hell – life itself will spoil if left unattended. The time to write is now. Artwork will rot on the vine if you give it any kind of chance.

Go. Go now while I try to take my own advice.


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