I have found the edge where the stony cliffs made by my morals abuts the raging sea of my righteous indignation.

I have a caveat: If you knew, loved, or were touched by Esme Kenny, please do not read this blog. Her death was senseless, I have no desire to cause you even an iota more pain. I have some important things to say here, and it has to do with her. Just trust me when I say you do not want to read any of this.

It strikes me that very often that there are lines, not in the sand, but carved into the rock of civilization. These lines cannot be crossed, and furthermore one cannot allow others to cross these lines. Each of these represent colossal changes to the interaction between people, and will eventually cause the breakdown of a society. You know what? Screw society breaking down. There are certain lines that will not be crossed or else I will grab myself a musket and powdered wig.

Two examples: Slavery and cannibalism, one practice reduces people to property and the other to food, cannot be sustained in any society I am willing to tolerate. That’s it. I have these lines, they will never move, and they are easy to understand. Other situations are not so clear cut and obvious. Even if they feel they should be.

A few months ago, I found a blog so vile it makes me want to go to war. It blames, in explicit language, the violation and murder of a local 13 year old girl upon… the victim. It claims all little girls of a certain race secretly ‘want it’, ‘flaunt it’ in front of an ‘oppressed and disadvantaged’ class and type of human male. Strip away all the faux racial justifications, and you have a dehumanization linked to a predatory fetish aimed like a gun at little girls and young women everywhere. It is the predator rationalizing why it deserves the prey.

Not only is it posted in once place, but over and over across the internet. It makes me think that it may be a gigantic 4chan prank, but no. Recent history of Nidal Malik Hassan, Jared Lee Loughner, or even James Lee Scott show they had rants that people just waved off. Scott even posted a manifesto the day he ran out to go shoot people in the name of mother earth.

This feels like that.

Somewhere there is a sick moron bloviating in a vacuum and fantasizing about wrecking some young woman’s life. He is out there, and someone, somewhere is saying; Man, ‘X’ is so crazy. He is always talking about crazy stuff, but he’d never do nuthin’. Then he’s going to go live out his fantasy and everyone will gather in front of the Channel ‘Square root of Pi’ News and wonder aloud how such a quiet guy could go so wrong, or (and this is my favorite) how the guy was always a little off, but nobody never did anything about it.

The posts appear in multiple places, and have numerous follow-ups. Aside from the wacko’s fixation on race, this has nothing to do with black and white (or yellow, red, puce, green, or plaid). It has nothing to do with history, or oppression. Esme did not have anything to do with slavery in America. God knows that even without knowing her personally, she did not ‘flaunt it’ or ‘want it’.

And so I am left alone with my moral certitude that governments do not have the right to kill their citizens, and the knowledge that people like this monster are nothing but animals masquerading in society, and that someone must be prepared to put them down with a well placed bullet, arrow, or axe.

This stirs up complex thoughts about vigilantes, about justice, death, and the worth of some lives versus others.It raises the dragon of censorship to breath against the fragile first amendment – before which I would gladly stand to burn. It brings up my internal Batman, which no matter how you cut it is a cool idea that would turn into a personal horror the moment his cowl is turned on oneself. So, in short, I am torn between safety/expediency and justice/morality.

I have found the edge where the stony cliffs made by my morals abuts the raging sea of my righteous indignation. I have no lighthouses, no holy moon, and finding this sick… thing, has stirred up a storm that is blotting out the horizon. And I’m sorry to say I still have no answers yet.


A Final Note: I have not listed the websites mentioned here. There is good reason for this. While I recommend in the strongest terms that you do not, if you want to understand, do a search for: ‘Burning Esme’s evil parts’ and you will see what I’ve been ranting about. Don’t do it on a full stomach.


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