in which I fall down and sleep a bit.

Well, it’s off to print. The long, long road is nearing its next beginning.

You must excuse me, I need a little lay down.

“Forget heroes and wizards, forget poxy bards and their sagas full of lies. None of this is as easy as it looks.

Sometimes, even the highest born must take what help is at hand, even if that help turns out to be a man much more comfortable stabbing someone in the back rather than charging in on the back of a horse. Protecting princesses, shepherding boys, dodging knives and murder plots is not the job for a hero. It’s the job for one who does not mind a little blood under their fingernails.

Devoid of past or present, bereft of even a name, I must be honest with myself. I am not a bad man. Well, I must be honest with myself: I don’t try to be a bad man. It just seems to… happen.

Luckily for me, being a bastard is sometimes a survival trait.”

A virtuoso in the symphonies of death, follow Fox Crow as he begins a journey of self discovery in an abattoir, that continues through forbidding lands, to the courts of the highest born, and culminates in the coldest darkness filled with temptation and murder.

The first fantasy novel of award winning author, James Daniel Ross, I Know Not is a hard hitting, gritty, fantasy adventure.


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