in which I look back on how far I have come.

Wow, I had a whole post full of open hearted, soulful confessions, questions about the cruelty of old friends, the doom of present politics, and so on.  Then I realized that there just isn’t any point. Nobody cares how I grew up. Present politics will continue to crash into the iceberg until the bubbles stop coming up. And old friends still treat me like garbage as soon as they learn I toe no party line. I have been wondering if engaging others in conversation is worth the time. I am tired of being insulted by old friends.

So, here I am, sitting on the swing set kicking at the dirt in the rut under the seat.

But I’m not that kid anymore. What separates that fat, spotty child from the man I am is a voice. I have come a long way, and no matter how much people I once admired, people I once trusted, people I once really liked, decide that insulting me, demeaning me, and dismissing me is the proper way to engage me in debate, their words do not -should not -CAN NOT change me unless I let them.

I have several advantages. I have an open mind that allows me to collect the best of all ideas. I have a sharp mind, for no matter what anyone may say, I am not stupid. And I have a voice. I am an author, a novelist. And I will have my say. Now, tomorrow, next year, until the printers break and the internet implodes my words and works will live on.

And now I just need to find the right words. Not to change the minds that are. To shape the minds that will be.

And things are looking up. Despite all the day job work I have gotten done The Legend of Buck Cooper and the Child of Fire is nearly complete, Scoundrel’s Magic just got its final pass, and I Know Not is at the printers. Getting excited about the release and about Balticon.

If you are a reader, you can sign up for and get a chance to win a copy of my brand new novel I Know Not. Can’t do better than free.

And now I’m going to walk in some dark places. I’ll tell you about them later.


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