the one where I say nothing controversial and play well with everyone!

Sales of Fox Crow are very encouraging. In fact, I think I might be hitting my stride if I keep up this Fantasy novel business. I’ve got plenty of stories bubbling in the cauldron, and if they pay far better I might have to bank a few of those before I get back to the space-mercenary gig. I still have hope, though. If someone buys I Know Not and likes it, maybe they will take a risk on The Radiation Angels. Here’s to hoping.

The day job has taken a turn for the… well the more crowded. The boss has slated us for a manufacturing schedule, meaning I work a week straight, take four off, have eight days straight, then two days off before I do it all again. Writing has become strained, but I have no intention of failing at this.

Luckily, my next convention coincides with my four day off. I am going to Fandom Fest!

I have never been before, but one of my professional and personal contacts Tracy R. Chowdhury, talented author of the Shandahar books, invited me. It looks to be an utter blast, and I am looking forward to making some more fans.

I am currently racing a deadline – an interesting story in and of itself – but I have 13 days and at least 6K words to complete in addition to the convention. Victorian romance is not my thing, but that’s the paying job, and the addition of Chuthulu is not as easy as I thought it would be. Then again, nobody remembers the name of men who climb molehills.

And I’m not normally a shill, but I have to say, this is making me geek out with every single commercial.



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