the one where I begin cleanup.

Ok, so my life fell apart multiple times, requiring numerous sessions of reconstruction. Tell you what, in cases like these, the deadlines do not change. I have been inundated from 100 different directions. Yet, pushing through is important.

The Last Dragoon, my next fantasy novel, is done. Heart of a Lion, a post apocalyptic short, is through editing. Her Majesty’s Executrix (fantasy short) has been accepted for publication. I Know Not is getting a facelift and another editing pass. Sales are good. And yet, I can’t stop. Legacy of Fox Crow Book 2: The Opus Discordia needs to start next week. 95,000 words behind me, edited and submitted, another 5,000 edited, and another 100,000 ahead. I have to have this one finished before November at the latest. Slewep is for the dead.

Let me give the same advice I know has been given over and over, by authors to writers everywhere:

Do it because not doing it will kill you. Otherwise doing it surely will.


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