the one where I list off my achievements

Life has been kicking me like a toddler in a mixed martial arts competition. I have moved to Pittsburgh, Finished edits on a new novel, got a new job, and am about to buy a home.

At the request of a fan, I have to lists out a bibliography, because the others are getting a bit dusty.

Product Details

Radiation Angels: The Chimerium Gambit

The Key to  Damocles

Radiation Angels: The Key to Damocles

*currently out of print will be reprinted by Darkquest Soon

More Radiation Angels Short stories appear in:

Barbarians at the Jumpgates

So it Begins

Breach the Hull

By Other Means


Snow and Steel

Historical fiction novel set in WWII during the siege of Stalingrad.


The Last Ride of the Iron Cowboy

Steampunk, Novella, Kindle/Electronic only.


I Know Not

Fantasy Novel

Galactic Creatures
Short Story: Science fiction

In an Iron Cage

Steampunk Short Story

Dragons Lure

Science Fiction Short Story

More short fiction:

Bad Ass Faeries 2

Bad Ass Faeries 3

In addition, keep an eye out for The Last Dragoon, a new fantasy novel. As well as a few more shorts and a novella.

Updates when available.

Hopefully back to blogging soon.


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