The one where there’s an exciting announcement and silly update

Silly update first: I have moved into my new house! Mortgage approved, all systems go, haven’t stopped moving for weeks now.

I am making progress on Salient Dreams, a new fantasy novel, and it is progressing well if not quickly.

But more important than any of that, The Last Dragoon has been released on Kindle, should now be out for Nook, and paper copies are coming along shortly. So if you need a last minute gift, or last minute break from reality, I’ve got you covered.

When was the last time you believed someone who said: I will love you forever? What if they proved it?
What is forever in comparison to the power of love?
In the end, what is the raw power of the human soul?

The Ivy City is dying. It flails under a sea of the risen dead, the holy churches broken, the nobles largely destroyed, the population leaderless and alone, the city itself is bleeding and growing cold. Tattered crimson ribbons of blood fill the gutters. A despicable wizard, scion of the noble line, has shoved the Ivy City to the brink of death as he seeks what he sees as his rightful throne.

Doomed by his forbidden love, discarded by the crown, forgotten by the people, a disgraced hero rises from the ashes to combat the rising darkness. Accompanied by a novice of the god of death, this armored savior will crash headlong into the ranks of the undead. As the legions of the unliving surround and entrap him, he faces the dark truths of his own failures, and discovers the limits of his warrior will.

He will fight because of his oaths to the crown and because of his oaths to the city. But, in the end, he will fight against a horde of nightmares because he has sworn with the totality of his soul to the crown princess, whom he has vowed to love forever.

The only questions that remains are:
What is the raw power of the human soul?
And can it be enough against an army of the dead?



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