the one where I finally nail it

This article begins:
Women who fight in jousting tournaments are awesome. Period. In fact, anyone who combats in a medieval setting earns my admiration but I especially look up to ladies because well, I’m a lady.

But I cry foul. 

KNIGHTS that fight in jousting tournaments are awesome. I do not hold ladies in any more esteem for doing those things a man does because I DO NOT EXPECT ANY LESS OF THEM.

It is the same with different races, genders, beliefs and sexual orientations. It’s a package deal: No glass ceiling, no doubts, no restrictions, and no pandering (Isn’t that cool a -whatever- won) BS when you win.

In a world that seems very often to be made up of psychotically offendable people, of people so ready to defend a CAUSE that they discard those people who may not treat their protected species with 100% kid gloves, in a world that wants to convince you that the only reason you struggle is not because LIFE IS STRUGGLE but because you are not white and male – (thus saying white guys have it easy and demeaning any of their accomplishments is never anyone’s problem), In that world I do not tiptoe around you, because I believe you can take boots. You punch me, I punch back. That way, when you win, it means something, and if I win, I get to claim that, too. I do not demean your achievement by saying how special of a (woman/gay/muslim) you must be to get this far. No restricted access to make sure you play in your own pool because you are delicate and must be protected from the big bad world and all the players in it.

Respect and reward equal to the effort because you EARNED it, only because you EARNED it. That is what is fair. 

If that’s not enough, GTFO because you are doing it for the wrong reasons.


And I think I may have articulated this in a way I am satisfied with.


samantha swords 1


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