the one where I spit on a white racist

It started with this screed:

I’m white so I can be a racist and nobody cares

Here’s the money quote, really:
“Let me make something clear right up front: you have no real idea what it’s like to be discriminated against on the basis of race.”

Firstly, to the author: Go die in a fire.

You have no idea what I have faced, where I have walked. There are no laws to help me succeed based on my race alone. I have been turned down for dates because I am not dark enough to be accepted by family. There are no quotas to help me get a job with a fire department. Say what you will, but there I have no leg up because of being a “wise latina woman”, and in fact if someone were to be promoted to a lifetime government position because someone were a “wise, white man”, the following impeachment would be vicious, fast, and involve knives.

Acting like these things are correct is to homogenize an entire race into voting blocks (wonder why). You are rendering the entire white race into ‘privileged’ and all others into ‘oppressed’ It robs them as much as it does me. The writer of this piece does so, however. And does it with self righteous zeal. That is the very definition of a racist.

Because to treat everyone as equal is to acknowledge that everyone has the talent, power and drive to succeed on their own. To show favoritism, no matter how good that paving stone looks, is the first block in the path to hell, for you are enshrining into law the fact that someone of another race needs your help. I’m glad your laws do not protect me. I would spit in your face for the insult.

And, from the complaint, the teacher goes far beyond teaching history or ‘diversity’ and into blaming the people in the class for things that happened 50-100 years before they were born. That is the definition of stupid. So is the author of this Huffpost article.


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