the one where I piss off women (again) by claiming they are equals.

This article can be summarized by:

“Women aren’t writing “real” science fiction, the fallacy goes.”

Fallacy spouted by whom? I may have only been a sci fi novelist for twelve years or so, but everywhere I go there are women saying that this is a common belief, so common it is never said anywhere.OK, maybe there is a cigar smoke filled room where giants in the industry light new stogies with C notes and guffaw such opinions out. Also, maybe there is a fan built like a beach-ball, a bachelor in his 60’s, who holds this view. These two are hardly representative of the whole of fandom.

I’ve mentored three writers into the industry from amateur status. All three were women, but I did it because of the quality of work, not the parts covered by a bathing suit.

It seems like there are more and more groups, associations, and anthologies open only to women, as if screening them from the full brunt of competition were helping them instead of tacitly telling them that there would be no other way for them to survive in the free market. If someone were to say that to me, I would laugh in their face. If they had said it to me when I was younger and vulnerable I would laugh in their face, and laugh again later as they picked teeth out of their own poo.

The article even promotes another of these, but tap-dances around the PC question thusly:

“And what is a woman? A woman is any human being who identifies as one, to whatever degree that they do so.”

Meaning a Transgender/transexual qualifies, but I – who only have a sensitive side as warm and fuzzy as a Flemish bunny – do not. Especially if I won. How do I know? Let’s just call it instinct, or else why not open the contest/submissions to everyone without qualifiers?

I just think that such things weaken the reputation of women, solidifying the idea that they need help to do more than fail.

Meaning the only people repeating the fallacy are those that need it to create a special interest group in which they feel comfortable and can make them dance to one tune.




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