The one I did not write alone…?


I am continuing work on Fox Crow II, and am coming up on 60K, which is… well I dunno. It feels halfway but these things surprise you.

I am Prepping for Lunacon, Balticon and Atomicon. Hopefully a local con as well, but no word yet.


As I am going a little mad trying to keep up with word counts, I decided to post a ghost story here. I was texting my wife and slipped the phone into my pocket. The voice recognition was still running I guess, and from that point some kind of ghost wrote a little story. I can’t swear it is sensical, or sane, in fact I think this is very HP Lovecract when you get down to it. Wife and I had fun trying to decode it.



“You even ask kristen tired I am send chat pizza punch will choice whether to be showing up we make rice and cheese ghost security call condition of time helping us to make a decision as if we will be using have to make a decision because the machine and does he want e my mind maintenance so I will give you the distance I had voice of mice talking about something else have to trust you to pick up this is tony we would find point us awesome I believe it’s my turn because my girl I’m not leaving trees down the galaxy sounds fine in n out and a reason that operation and I’m glad you have a minute romantic morning buddy when I’m tried the second foundation no way we are guys noticed and we offer a second galactic empire be different from the first human history no dictating all the time you 3 text me sometime violin 2 minutes and porn p do calling cost only send no need we have our school wanted to speech thing I’ll ever text decent I want nothing to do detroit diesel and twitter for I tried to make toys and cannot coffee said I was time to have a recent until you are sure what time please movies your mail I’ll swing set easter 10 us he’s thanks vernon find 1 turning west space reno find right galaxy and is in the celtics”


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