The one where I lose my mind over higher learning

Here’s the story:

Teacher takes picture of daughter wearing Game of Thrones T shirt to work. Is suspended.


So, His DAUGHTER is wearing a GoT shirt, and someone with FAR too much time on their hands and panties that are so susceptible to being bunched up they may be used by researchers in France to CREATE BLACK HOLE CONDITIONS finds said photo on the internet and suspends this guy as a danger who may be threatening to shoot up the school.
No, really.

So I hit the contact us button and contacted the intellectually challenged administrators at the ‘college’

I see you suspended Francis Schmidt for wearing a Game of Thrones Tshirt. You said it could refer to AK47s.

You are morons.

This decision was made by morons, you should fire one another, and then go populate some island far away from thinking people so you do not interbreed and bring down the whole human race. Seriously, you are a laughing stock. Your students should get their tuition back. All  of them, since the beginning of time.
Your diplomas mean nothing now, because you have shown that the deans of higher learning are complete imbeciles.
Please pull your heads out, reinstate (with back pay) and promote Francis Schmidt. So far, he knows Game of Thrones so he must be able to read, which puts him light years ahead of the rest of you.

Please help. Write these people and let them know that there should be higher learning at places of higher learning. And perhaps, that means there should be a little bit of thought.

And I swear, if we can’t change this kind of thing, the least we can do is mock them until employers stop asking as sheepskin to prove you know anything.


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