The one where I make a startling, heartfelt admission to all the writer hopefulls…

This is the best thing about a freshly finished novel: The day OFF!

Suddenly, after emails from the publisher, questions from fans, and constant badgering from the actual characters inside my head to get done, I am DONE. It is finished, finito, and five months is not bad considering three of them I was employed and working 60 hours a week. It is done and ready to go to the first wave of editing. 130,000 words.  No It feels like cheating when I use numbers ONE HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND WORDS! Yes, the Second Legends of Fox Crow: The Opus Discordia is now finished!
And so now, I get a day or two where my demons get to be quiet. Where my need to daydream on paper shuts down adn I can watch TV and play video games and maybe play around on the internet without feeling a truckload of writer’s guilt (which I am told is actually far more powerful and painful than either catholic or jewish mother instilled guilt – really!) and just relax. I mean I might just have to rent an elderly hound dog for the next few days just so I can get the proper feel to my days off going.
So let’s go find out what’s online.



Well there’s got to be something on TV…



What the hell is a FIFA?

OK. Uh… well…
*Looks at laptop*

(little voices) Play with us, Dan, play with us…
(Grabs laptop)

Leave me alone, I’m relaxing…



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