The one that is short and was typed with fists

I am aghast to see when a public figure, especially an entertainer, makes a joke that isn’t really funny and winds up getting a face full of PC-TNT. You know the kind I’m talking about. Then they grovel, and wheedle about how ‘your cause matters to me and my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillionz of $$$$.’

This especially makes me retch when the global warming entertainivist owns a yacht, a private airplane, and 4 mansions, or the animal rights entertainivist dresses in black urban ninja leather gear for many roles, or when the anti gun entertainivist is only famous for the body counts in movies that rival battles fought in the civil war… anything similar.

And it offends me that there are two groups of equally guilty assholes:
Gruppen 1) The assholes demanding someone pander to them. OR ELSE.
Gruppen 2) The assholes pandering to the other assholes, completely without sincerity, and yet become their champions.

Guess which category this guy falls in to. Oh, and that beard makes you look like a child trick or treating as blackbeard. Jerk.

My solution?

“I’m sorry I offended you. “

Short, simple, to the point, and if they still demand pandering action, throw them out of your personal office window. If not, then just shut up if you fear these cause-mongrels so much. They only nip at your heals because they know you fear their bark.But shying away and begging them you are either an attention whore, or you stand for nothing other than your bank account. Do not expect me to respect either.

And worse, once you are done pandering and making them feel all powerful, they come and nip at the rest of us as well, and are supremely offended when we kick them in the face for biting.


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