The one where criticism is not an attack…

An interesting trend has popped up. It goes along the lines of: “If you criticize, you must fix the problem by joining in, or forever shut the hell up.”

For example:

Don’t like how the military prosecutes a war? Put on a uniform.
Have trouble with police shooting kids? Grab a badge.

And, if not, then well you hate America, apple pie, and various endangered species which we are sure you consume on Sundays with plenty of gravy. But thank you for joining in this civilized discourse, you monster.

To which I think there is only one reply: You want to talk at the big persons table? Learn to think for yourself.
SunTsu (Sun Tsu? Son Tsoo?) Had a thing about “if you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by” Now, all warrior zen bull aside, that’s a great idea. Time heals all wounds and so on; Until you get an enemy that demands tribute, enjoys a little hobby of punching you in the nose, or is trained to overreact to the presence of toy guns. Then your chances of being the face-down floater-in-chief are much higher than his and patience and forbearance is no longer a virtue.
I cannot think of any adverse situation, in any persons life, professional or personal, that can be solved by shrugging and saying “It is what it is”. And that is not hate. It is not lack of support for those that wear camo, wear a badge, or for that matter men who pick up my garbage. If the garbage men were driving those monster trucks unsafely, it would not be anti-garbage to demand they be retrained.
This argument -if you are not one of this group you cannot criticize that group – as earth shakingly stupid as it is, is spouted by people of all political beliefs, ages, and creeds. I feel that many rap songs are vapid, derogatory toward women, and utterly without artistic merit. I am not a rapper, but I feel utterly justified in saying so. I feel that if I pay $8 for a meal, it should be edible. Though I do not work in fast food, I feel I can comment on whether one place makes decent food or not, and spend accordingly. And that last point is closer to the whole point.

The military and police are there to serve at the will of the people. And if you think things are perfect, you are far from correct. If you think criticism shows a lack of support for a lot of fine people who do a hard job, then you are farther from correct to the point of lacking the basic skills to converse in polite society. You should wear a diaper. On your head. It will be our secret little sign that I can ignore you and avoid you on the street.

I pay the wages of the military and the police. What they do they do in my name, and thus I have a responsibility to keep tabs and make sure the things done in my name are right and just. The US vs THEM arguments are false. WE are THEM. THEY are US. In deed, if not reality.


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