the one that was pretty much done for me…

..and I am greatfull, (crap) Gratefill.. (ugh) grateful.

Well, I have finally announced what I have been doing the last few months. Firstly, THE GuysThE GiYS...

ugh… sinus infection.

OK… the good people at Knight Errant Games  were kind enough to include an interview of yours sickly, discussing the upcoming novel they commissioned: Dwarf Wars (working title). These guys have a unique game world worthy of playtime at any RPG table. If you have a few bucks to spare, you could do much worse than improve the quality of games floating out there. Find the kickstarter HERE

Also excciting exciting

We are about a week away from launch of my first independent title.

The Echoes of Those Before.

Echoes cover half

It is a novel that harkens back to classical, high fantasy questing and the anthropomorphic heroes I grew up with watching Disney movies. So, yes, it is a furry novel. before you let that simple sentence set your opinion, please understand, this is not an adult themed novel. It is high fantasy. It is meticulously written. I think the time is here for a this novel, and I’ve gone on a bit of a limb to see if I am right. All I ask is a chance. It will be available on

List Price: $11.99
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
262 pages
Copper Fox Books
ISBN-13: 978-0692436639 (Custom Universal)
ISBN-10: 0692436634
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic

Hungry. Feral. Remorseless.
Demonic creatures have crawled from their hives for the first time in thousands of years. They seek their prey relentlessly, seemingly invincible. Swarming across the world to blot out whole nations.
Two young men, an orphan and a maverick, will pick up one of the most powerful weapons ever forged by Those Before and stand against the rising tide of darkness. They shall bet their bodies, their spirits and their immortal souls in a bout that shall break the wave of sharp, black chitin, or fail and doom the whole world and all that dwell in it.
It is in this world that a dark shadow has been cast. It will fall across all people in time unless these two can rally the Folk to stop it. Step into a new world with this pair as they venture from the safety of the Fox Vale, into the cold embrace of the wide world.
They will face danger, adversity, and treachery, all as they strain to listen, to hear any clue in THE ECHOES OF THOSE BEFORE

Enjoy a new fantasy setting good for ages teen and above. Delve into the secrets of a dangerous world, and discover the secrets of the doom hanging over them all.

This new fantasy series has the magical fantasy elements of Tolkien, with the flavor of a Disney epic. Sure to be fun for any member of the family, it is especially good for any reader of fantasy or furry fiction.