The One With A Big Announcement

I have been a bad, bad author. I let life kick the inspiration out of me like a roid rage mule, but I’m back, and have been for a while. Sadly writing is like archery. You fire, but it takes a bit for the missile to land. In that vein, I have three big announcements.

The first is I completed a novel! Well, I did not do it alone. Thanks to the inspiration and drive of my good friend Tracy R. Chowdhury, we completed the first novel in a trilogy: Elvish Jewel. It is a romantic adventure novel set in a brand new fantasy world.

It is about a war torn elvish nation being raided for natural resources by the vicious armies of the Iron Coast. A powerful Evish Warmage, Vivien Valdera finds herself defended by and in turn defending a indomidable barbarian she names The Wolf. They begin a troubled path toward love and understanding where her secrets are almost as shocking as his. But together they might just save the kingdom, and may discover the love that has eluded them both for a century.Available on Amazon. Ebook coming soon.


Jewel Back.jpgJewel Front.jpg

Those of you who have been following REALLY close attention have noticed  I Know Not (The Legends of Fox Crow 1) hasgotten a new cover (new editing pass) and a new publisher! Also available on amazon, with ebook coming soon!

Know not front.jpgknow not back.jpg


And while I am extremely excited about both of these events, I am astounded to say that The Opus Discordia (The Legends of Fox Crow 2) is done, finished, finito, passed and published, available on amazon! I know a lot of people have been waiting for many years for this, and I hope it is a dark delight to everyone.  Ebook, coming soon!

Music sooths the savage breast…

What do they know?

I was reborn in a castle of corpses, and I knew nothing. I survived the assassins, the mercenaries, and all the nasty little tricks they could throw at me. Now, I have to move on.

Noria is a whole kingdom looking to kill me, so I have to flee to the Principalities of Hammarfall.

I have sacks of gold, a magic sword, and all the skills a lifetime as an assassin. I should be able to carve out a little niche of heaven and live happy and fat until my old age, right?


Except Hammarfall is in turmoil, the God of Murder still has not forgiven me for leaving his service, and there are ravens everywhere I look. And that music. I can’t get that music out of my head… But one thing hasn’t changed.

I am going to survive.










But while I am excited






Overtime during the day, words due at night.

I gotta be short here people, I have overtime at the day job, numerous deadlines, and bad cold, but hopefully I can put some power into this, because it’s important. The Le Grange Writer’s Seminar was a huge success. Information was flying in all directions, and I think everyone learned something from everyone else.  Lord knows I did.

At the same time, there was a disturbing moment.

I was up in front of all these writers who were aspiring to become authors and novelists, and I said something that amounted to:

All writers are equal.

And though I said it with utter conviction, said it like a preacher reading scripture to the masses, I’m pretty sure nobody believed a word of it. I tried to make myself understood, and I want to take another shot here, now.

Every writer, from the most successful to the most humble, tries to make art. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes what we write sells, and sometimes it does not. No matter what someone is going to tell us that what we write is absolute crap. No matter what.

J.K. Rowling is no one of the richest women in the world. I personally know people who think everything she ever wrote was garbage. I don’t care for Hemingway. My daughter dislikes Shakespeare.

We are artists. We create art. Art may be bought and sold, but has an incalculable value. What I put on paper has as much or little VALUE as anything written by Stephen King (now if I can just get the publisher to pay us the same…) Regardless, every writer reads other author’s work before, during and after producing their own.

The moment you learn this, and I mean you imprint it upon your very soul, then you can write anything for anyone, anywhere.

In any case, I must sign off, but if you want more advice on writing, getting published, or the best recipe for a hot toddy, stop by Millenicon this weekend!

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