The One With A Big Announcement

I have been a bad, bad author. I let life kick the inspiration out of me like a roid rage mule, but I’m back, and have been for a while. Sadly writing is like archery. You fire, but it takes a bit for the missile to land. In that vein, I have three big announcements.

The first is I completed a novel! Well, I did not do it alone. Thanks to the inspiration and drive of my good friend Tracy R. Chowdhury, we completed the first novel in a trilogy: Elvish Jewel. It is a romantic adventure novel set in a brand new fantasy world.

It is about a war torn elvish nation being raided for natural resources by the vicious armies of the Iron Coast. A powerful Evish Warmage, Vivien Valdera finds herself defended by and in turn defending a indomidable barbarian she names The Wolf. They begin a troubled path toward love and understanding where her secrets are almost as shocking as his. But together they might just save the kingdom, and may discover the love that has eluded them both for a century.Available on Amazon. Ebook coming soon.


Jewel Back.jpgJewel Front.jpg

Those of you who have been following REALLY close attention have noticed  I Know Not (The Legends of Fox Crow 1) hasgotten a new cover (new editing pass) and a new publisher! Also available on amazon, with ebook coming soon!

Know not front.jpgknow not back.jpg


And while I am extremely excited about both of these events, I am astounded to say that The Opus Discordia (The Legends of Fox Crow 2) is done, finished, finito, passed and published, available on amazon! I know a lot of people have been waiting for many years for this, and I hope it is a dark delight to everyone.  Ebook, coming soon!

Music sooths the savage breast…

What do they know?

I was reborn in a castle of corpses, and I knew nothing. I survived the assassins, the mercenaries, and all the nasty little tricks they could throw at me. Now, I have to move on.

Noria is a whole kingdom looking to kill me, so I have to flee to the Principalities of Hammarfall.

I have sacks of gold, a magic sword, and all the skills a lifetime as an assassin. I should be able to carve out a little niche of heaven and live happy and fat until my old age, right?


Except Hammarfall is in turmoil, the God of Murder still has not forgiven me for leaving his service, and there are ravens everywhere I look. And that music. I can’t get that music out of my head… But one thing hasn’t changed.

I am going to survive.










But while I am excited





the one from the ground zero of my life

Ok, what those of you who follow me (as me) on facebook probably know and those that follow me (the author) do not is that my life has become interesting lately. The Chinese interesting. The one they curse you with.

My wife has decided she does not love me anymore, and nothing I have done has dissuaded her.

So she is leaving. I am still without a job, so paying my bills is now impossible alone. I need to figure out how to get some roommates fast that will not chop me up and leave me in a trunk somewhere.

This has blown my inner muse into confetti, meaning I have not gotten a decent wordcount in over a month, leading to all that brings: nightmares, insomnia, and weight loss (yay!) that was mostly muscle (boo!)
Now my publisher, which has had in reserve the sequel to my personal best seller is going through some restructuring and thus has delayed the only chance to get money flowing soon.

Also the S key seems to be failing on my only computer.
So.. I am living in interesting times.

It’s been a few weeks and I’m cried out. I’m panicked out.
I started by reviewing the file of Fox Crow II: The Opus Discordia.

I punched up the crow-isms and added some detail. Also found something I have to apologize for… but that’s another post.
But here is a post to let people know I have not given up. I’m getting back in the saddle.
Doing work, submitting work, planning for the future, releasing short stories, and getting things nailed down so I can FINALLY tell everyone when FCII:OD is coming…

So, I am wounded, but alive and kicking.

The one… where I admit I’m a slacker… kinda.

I just moderated a comment from a new fan and I realized I have not posted to this blog in forever. I’m getting questions about what I am up to and what is coming. I can only say I am very sorry. I guess it is time for some confessions and an update.

Last year I lost my day job. Since then it has been a financial struggle to keep my home and so forth. Trying to find another job is difficult since my experience knocks me out of opening positions, and equal positions are often jealously guarded. It has, however, allowed me to work on more novels than I thought possible.

I am working on a contract for Heroes’ Tears. The novel is a Fantasy, set in a war torn historical era of this RPG. It should be out next year.

I finished the sequel to I Know Not, the Legacy of Fox Crow. This one, The Opus Discordia, deals with Crow after leaving (running) from his recent successes and gets saddled with an apprentice, gets involved in a three hundred year old plot to overthrow a kingdom, and is haunted by a ghostly composer as well as a new crop of assassins. It is in the hands of the Publisher, who has it out for editing, and is awaiting the cover still.

That being said, I have not been resting on my laurels (such as they are). I am working on a sequel to Whispering of Dragons called The Clash of Souls. It is in progress, and I hope to have the manuscript in the hands of the publisher soon

Next I finished a new fantasy novel, a whole new story in a new fantasy series. This one is a departure from my standard fantasy work, and I hope to have it ready by April 1st. I say departure and I mean it: It is epic fantasy instead of dark fantasy, it is going to be self published (mostly due to my desperate need for cash, pretty fast), and it has… other qualities that set it apart. More will be announced soon, but for more updates keep an eye on THIS PAGE.

So I’m working pretty hard, and a lot of stuff is falling by the wayside. This blog amongst them. I want to do another Radiation Angels Novel. I want to finish another Fox Crow. There’s a lot to do, and now it is all very important.

See, every purchase used to be an important acknowledgement of my work. Now it is my life blood. I eat, my lights stay on, depending on my wife going to work, and the work I put out to give everyone a few minutes respite and entertainment. You are all keeping me alive, and for that I want to say thank you. I am truly humbled.
Now, if I can ask, please leave a review on goodreads or amazon. Please blog about what of my books you have read, recommend them to friends. I feel like I am imposing on friends and family, but I have to ask. I’m just starting to climb and air getting thin out here already.

Always remember you can keep up with my work on my Amazon Author Page.

You can like James Daniel Ross if you facebook.

But, overall if you have bought books, I thank you.
Now it is my mission to write faster than any of you can read.
And do it so well you curse me for it.


the one where I say nothing controversial and play well with everyone!

Sales of Fox Crow are very encouraging. In fact, I think I might be hitting my stride if I keep up this Fantasy novel business. I’ve got plenty of stories bubbling in the cauldron, and if they pay far better I might have to bank a few of those before I get back to the space-mercenary gig. I still have hope, though. If someone buys I Know Not and likes it, maybe they will take a risk on The Radiation Angels. Here’s to hoping.

The day job has taken a turn for the… well the more crowded. The boss has slated us for a manufacturing schedule, meaning I work a week straight, take four off, have eight days straight, then two days off before I do it all again. Writing has become strained, but I have no intention of failing at this.

Luckily, my next convention coincides with my four day off. I am going to Fandom Fest!

I have never been before, but one of my professional and personal contacts Tracy R. Chowdhury, talented author of the Shandahar books, invited me. It looks to be an utter blast, and I am looking forward to making some more fans.

I am currently racing a deadline – an interesting story in and of itself – but I have 13 days and at least 6K words to complete in addition to the convention. Victorian romance is not my thing, but that’s the paying job, and the addition of Chuthulu is not as easy as I thought it would be. Then again, nobody remembers the name of men who climb molehills.

And I’m not normally a shill, but I have to say, this is making me geek out with every single commercial.


I am thankful…

Things have been moving at a break-neck pace. In 11 months, I’ve submitted 12 short stories and a novel. 8, and the novel, have been accepted so far and still awaiting word on the other 4. I’ve got scifi, steampunk, and urban fantasy waiting to be written, with deadlines fast approaching.  Next year I want to double these numbers, though how I’m going to do it while holding a day job I have no idea. I suspect it will be a lot like I do it now: squeezing words out of every moment away from making money to pay bills.

Today is Thanksgiving, for example. Friends are off with families, my family is off in various locations. Those local have their own plans, my children are off with my Ex- and my wife works until 9pm. Therefore, left to my own devices, I am paying attention to my sorely neglected blog, answering long overdue emails, watching a few movies in which my wife has no interest, and at the same time trying to clear out the short for Bad Ass Faeries 4, and the Steampunk mystery.

Still, I want to take a moment to be thankful.

I’m thankful for my wife, may children, my family and friends. I’m thankful for opportunity, and wisdom, and good fortune. I am thankful for my country, my freedoms, and self determination. I am thankful for living in this time, at this place, in this country.

It is important to see the details, and recognize the blessings we have been given. Few of us can honestly say we do not get enough to eat. Our only problem with the number of electronics is paying for the electricity to feed them all. We have access to entertainment or education with the flip of a switch.

The important thing is to not take any of it for granted. We must be generous. We must be understanding. We must be kind. We are honestly blessed, and we do owe thanks to God, providence, or fate, as you believe.

We. All of us.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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